When nature inspires architects to make wonderful buildings.

When we were kids, we loved to play in nature run in the grass, love connecting with nature, and create relation with it, humans feel comfortable living in nature, it gives that feeling that we belong to it.

But when we enter our cities we find ourself surrounded by much modern building and skyscraper that most of them look like boxes and all look the same, same tall building you find in new york emirates and many other places has too many spaces and density and large population, there is no relation with nature.

In many places, you go to the large cities of the world, you find architecture inspired by cubic shapes and spaces and the organic shapes and designs inspired by nature are slowly reducing from our world. 

In fact, there is an architect who loves designing a building that has a relation with nature, so he designed two buildings with curves and shapes from nature, but when he finished the first building design they told him to repeat the same shapes for the second building, but in fact, nature never repeats itself, nature always has different shapes and curves, and architecture must be inspired by nature and eliminate the concept of machine and box buildings so that we can connect much more to nature. 

Mountain Village

In these modern days, architects must combine architecture and nature instead of separating them.
In this project, an architect who loves to design building inspired by nature, almost reject the project because the project is located in the amazing mountain and green land, but he knew that if he rejects the project someone else will design a building that looks strange to the site and doesn’t match with nature, so he decided to give it a try.
The concept is about taking similar contour lines of the existing mountains around the project, and build the project based on those contours to match the curves and shapes of the mountains to integrate well the project with nature, just like these mountains have different shapes.

And the secret for these shapes is with the hand sketch to create more natural lines, always design the first idea with hand sketches and paper it allows to design something artistic and beautiful and to add a human spirit on it, comparing to the computer, it doesn’t produce more natural and artistic shapes in the first design idea but it stay an essential tool to complete your project and to show your idea in a better way but it’s not a tool to create an idea.

A Chinese great architect Ma Yansong said: “architecture and human and nature can coexist together”. When you see projects and nature in the majority of the world, you discover how buildings are making walls between nature and them, but the future of our architecture must be a part of our nature. 

When the architect Ma Yansong made a building that looks like a black mountain, many people criticize and claim that looks so different than the surrounding building, but the goal of the architect isn’t to match the existing building that looks like boxes, the goal was to integrate his project to nature and design a building that looks similar to a black mountain.

Sports Park

A lot of architects make building that match nature, some of the architects built an opera house look like a snow mountain to integrate the surroundings and the cold weather. The project contains a sports park with stadiums that look like volcanos, a large project that you can’t define if it’s a landscape or a building, but it’s both you can enter the building and watch every kind of sport you want, or you can walk upon the building that looks like a landscape, a mountain with grass, it’s such great design that combines two different activities, a landscape where you can walk and enjoy, and sports equipment.

The future of architecture is no longer presenting just tall buildings and skyscrapers but architecture that has a harmony between nature and humans.